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Identify potentially exploitable vulnerabilities for internal and external threats

The vulnerabilities in your security posture are blind spots to your team but Red Teaming can help you identify those vulnerabilities that you may not know exist.

Compound threat assessment procedures ensure that every aspect of your security is thoroughly checked from an adversary’s POV using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection and local criminal activity to hypothesize and evaluate the degrees and nature of the threat in your area.

How It Works


We visit your organization to assess all layers of security between your resource and the world outside your facility. During this stage, our team identifies potential vulnerabilities within those layers to include technology, processes, human factors, and physical security vulnerabilities.

Threat Assessment

Our team goes back to the board using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection to assess the threats while probing for unknown vulnerabilities in the security posture. We conducted the assessment, now here is how we can beat what you have.


We offer a comprehensive threat analysis and assessment report including:

  • Existing Countermeasures

  • Threat Agents and Possible Attacks

  • Exploitable Vulnerabilities

  • Threat History

  • Potential Business Impacts

  • After Action Review with Actionable Solutions to upgrade and improve the security system to ensure the safety and comfort of every person in your organization.

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