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Find vulnerabilities in your security posture before it becomes a problem

Why Choose Red Team?

Red Teams develop their tests from an adversarial point of view without any preexisting knowledge of your security posture, which will identify shortfalls otherwise unknown to your current QA team. Using our decades of experience in physical security, social engineering, and Red Team we will propose improvements in client security plans, programs, technologies, and related assumptions.

Using Open Source Intelligence collection and local criminal activity to hypothesize and evaluate the degrees and nature of the threat in your area.

Red Team Solutions is an industry-leading security consulting firm with a comprehensive suite of services. We specialize in security assessments, penetration testing, incident response and compliance solutions. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and innovative solutions to help them secure their networks and systems. 

Our team is well versed and experienced in conducting no-notice physical security penetration tests to gauge the effectiveness of security posture.

How does your security posture measure up?

Vulnerability Assessments are crucial to determining how your business measures the importance of being proactive about safety. With the drastic increase in gun violence, 60% of parents are concerned about the security of their children and wards in schools. This has also been a concern for businesses, public events/spaces and museums alike.

As of 2016, 81% of public schools are reported using security cameras. The challenge with this is that there may be blind spots in the system, and a lack of money, personnel, and other shortcomings can physically lead to a weakened security system.

At Red Team Solutions, we take a proactive role, rather than reactive, in mitigating the most likely threats to employee safety and business productivity. We offer threat/vulnerability assessments and physical security penetration testing (red teaming) to ensure that your organization is always protected.

Our Proactive team combines their decades of social engineering and physical security experience to develop vulnerability assessments that provide actionable measures your organization can take to close vulnerabilities and improve your security posture. This puts them into the minds of assailants to figure out gaps and shortfalls in your security system and gauge your security response capabilities.

We are continuously honing our craft to ensure the safety and security of your security posture every time.

Into the Dark Minds

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